Mobile Awareness Mission

Our Road To Success

Below are the six pillars which Mobile Awareness was built on. What makes us different is that we research, design, and develop our technology in-house, which allows us to better support our customers.

Benefit The Customer

Investing in technology that is rooted in safety helps our customers realize more than just financial gains. They limit employee risk, protect their organization’s resources and help reduce the liabilities associated with managing large and small fleets.

Practical Innovation

Our economy depends on the safe and efficient transport of goods. While no single approach provides the solution for all vehicles, understanding the safety challenges common to all types of commercial vehicles leads to practical, innovative product solutions.

Product Affordability

Solutions not only need to be effective and convenient, they must be practical while adding value. Based on years of design knowledge, we understand the need for more cost efficient solutions that can truly benefit an entire fleet, not just a few vehicles. Engineering more affordably priced products helps us lead the way to safer fleets.

Ease Of Installation

Reducing the time and expense of installation is a critical part of the entire cost equation. We produce highly integrated products that are simple to install and easy to maintain.

Safety Compliance

One of the most challenging areas for a fleet is the ongoing need to focus on vehicle maintenance and safety compliance. Our goal is simple; help our customers reduce the total cost of safety.

Reduce The Total Cost Of Safety®

By embracing important aspects of CSA 2010, we help to reduce the liabilities associated with managing large and small fleets.