Integrated Camera & Sensor For Trucks

commercial backup camera system visionstat plus

commercial backup camera system visionstat plusVisionStat® Plus is a back-up camera system for trucks, buses and other commercial fleets that combines SenseStat sensors with a VisionStat®, wired video camera system.

This backup camera with sensors displays a full picture of what is happening behind your truck while also showing, to the inch, how close you are to an object.

VisionStat® Plus allows the driver to see what is behind the vehicle on the high quality VisionStat® color monitor. The “Plus” is the on-screen addition of measurement information from the 4 ultrasonic SenseStat sensors. VisionStat® Plus features an audible backup warning system, which actively alerts drivers to objects within 8 ft. of the rear of the vehicle. The monitor simultaneously displays a blinking indicator for the closest object and exact distance within one inch of the vehicle.

The wired rearview (back-up) camera connects directly to the SenseStat ECU (Electronic Control Unit) and displays the sensor distance and zone information automatically whenever the camera is being viewed. This backup camera system for trucks is suitable for both 12v & 24v operational vehicles, whereby the power to the sensor system is supplied via the existing VisionStat® wiring. It is easily installed with a new or existing VisionStat® Wired Video Camera System, requiring no additional power connections.


Exclusive Capabilities

  • VisionStat® Plus (special SenseStat ECU Module & Sensors) easily connects to existing VisionStat® wiring (between camera & monitor)
  • Connects via single cable, no additional power connection needed
  • Sensor information is displayed on Color LCD Monitor
  • Rearview (back-up) camera image appears on monitor
  • Four Sensor Zone Indicators appear on monitor
  • Closest Sensor to an object “Flashes” & displays actual “Distance”


Visionstat® Plus Benefits & Features

  • Integrates with VisionStat®: Connects with & displays on all Wired VisionStat® Video Monitoring Systems
  • Provides Active & Passive Monitoring: Combines the advantages of both auditory object detection and blind spot video monitoring
  • No Additional Power Connections: Powered by VisionStat® system cable, connected between monitor and camera
  • Monitor Displays Distance to Objects: In-cab color monitor displays distance in feet and inches to objects, accurate to within one inch (distance data appears when reversing image is activated)
  • Sensors Monitor Four Zones: Zone indicator icons “Flash” on color monitor indicating closest sensor to an object
  • Single Display: High quality 7.0” and 5.6” Color TFT LCD digital video monitors display both images and sensor information
  • Multiple Camera Support: Works with all Single, Dual, Triple and Quad camera configurations
  • Weatherproof ECU & Sensors: Allows for easy installation & mounting of ECU outside of vehicle near camera (operating temperature -30°C to 85°C)